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FULL COVER THE CONFLUENCE 2The Confluence (a novel)

In the last quar­ter of the 19th cen­tury, God­win Mer­ritt dis­cov­ers the entrance to his Col­orado sil­ver mine is legally on his neighbor’s prop­erty. With­out tip­ping his hand to his neigh­bor, Dan­forth, he sets out to pur­chase the land to secure his rights. Schemers in the boom­town below the mine team up with Godwin’s old rivals, The Black Rock Run­ners, to snatch the land away and with it all the sil­ver it puts out.

Dan­forth finds him­self on the wrong end of the sheriff’s gun. He per­sists in haunt­ing God­win through­out his bat­tle with the old rivals, at times aid­ing him and oth­ers dri­ving him mad. Dan­forth steadily guides God­win toward his ulti­mate goal, free­ing him­self of the blood feud with The Black Rock Run­ners and secur­ing his mine property.

Early on, The Black Rock Run­ners dis­patch gun­men to Merritt’s ranch and after bloody con­fronta­tions in Col­orado, God­win gath­ers what remains of his fam­ily and heads back to Michi­gan to con­front his old rivals. A bat­tle on the con­flu­ence where God­win bru­tally kills his ene­mies leaves him hol­low and won­der­ing if he will ever be whole again. God­win Mer­ritt wants to do some­thing he can’t…stop killing Mattocks.

Decades later, God­win, rav­aged by bat­tles and ill­ness, finds him­self with one more demon to slay…on his own doorstep.





eight goodreads cover


Table of Contents
Oren Gunn
Shovel Pusher
For Sale: One Plot
The Last Piece of Cake
Don’t Adjust Your Set





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Table of Contents
The Dogshit Summer
Idler at the Window
Knuckles’ Broken Promise
Malcolm’s Apple Tree
Stellan Bambrey
Talk of Sex Over Wine: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
The High Price
They Oughtta Make a Law
The Snake in the Hourglass
The Death of Marcus Kasparov
The News on TV

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