A New Review for You to Peruse

Oh, my dear brothers and sisters, there is a place on the internet where people can gather and discuss and share their noble affliction with the like-minded, the converted, the choir that needs no preaching to yet bounds for joy when the word is spoken.  That corner of the vast web of the world’s information is Goodreads.  That is a place where readers and writers can go to brag and boast, tag and toast.

goodreads eight screenshot

I am only popping in to let you know that a new review of Eight (short stories) has been written by a woman using Goodreads.  I invite you to read her concise thoughts on the book of short stories I released a few years ago.  She says, “Domme’s character development is complex, as are his topics – alcoholism, terminal illness, the paranormal.”  

Read this and other reviews here:  Goodreads 

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