Bizarro Short Fiction’s Alluring Freedom

I have found another word for freedom and it is “Bizarro”. Bizarro has form and structure but its horizons are far wider and it’s ceiling breathes like a lung. I stumbled into Bizarro by chance a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try my hand at it. I’ve posted the first short story I’ve written in the Bizarro genre under Free Reads here: Mr. Pork’s Web

Described as the literary equivalent to the cult film genre of cinema, Bizarro seems to be weird, dark, funny, and enlightening in a direction from which most genres steer clear. I’m still new to it, so I may be a little wrong. But, from what I’m reading so far these are the things I’m finding. If you’d like to dig into it too I suggest starting here: Bizarro Central

First, check out my Bizarro short story, or attempt anyway. Mr. Pork’s Web

Mr. Pork's Web

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