I’m Back in School at Lit Reactor

Today is day two of lectures and assignments in Short Story Mechanics at Lit Reactor taught by Richard Thomas. I would like to say I wish I’d taken writing courses earlier and often but that implies regret and who has time for that? But, I wish I’d taken writing courses earlier and often(had a few moments for regret and now it can kick rocks).

The class is twenty-five writers strong and sold-out. Now I can see why. The instructor knows his field.  I feel great about being able to get in and can’t wait to see what all the writers produce at the end of the week-long class. It’s intense and fast and well worth it.

While completing today’s assignment a concept and outline for a new collection of short stories erupted in my writing and I can’t wait to get started on that. This is a good way to take my mind off the waiting of the novel querying for The Confluence I’m also in the midst of. Stay busy and you won’t have to stress over the waiting.

So, if you’re a writer, go check out Lit Reactor. Luckily, the first rule of Lit Reactor is not, “You do not talk about Lit Reactor.” It may be the second rule but I didn’t get that far. Just go check it out.



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