Just Sit Down and Write, There.

If you’re reading this you may want to know a thing or two about writing and while I’d love to write that I know everything and am prepared to show you the way that is simply not reality.  Or anywhere near reality.

I had an issue with showing up earlier this year.  I lost the plot.  I stared out the window a few times wondering what the hell happened.  There I was, standing at the window one morning, “What the hell happened,” I said into a lukewarm mug of instant coffee.  I was seriously considering not writing anymore.  I’d done what I can, I thought.  There I was, standing at the window one morning, “I’ve done what I can,” I said into a lukewarm mug of instant despair.

And that went on and on as you can imagine.

I took up golf.  Because I’m an adult.  And because, “Heroin is so passe.” Thank you, Dandy Warhols-one of many great lines in their music.  But I took up golf with the intent of completely replacing the need to write another damn word.

And then on the #10 tee box of a most disastrous round of gowf I found myself visualizing the curve of my Olympia and ring of its bell line after line.  The ensuing tee shot flew off the tee head and rose in a fine, straight arc dropping somewhere beyond the horizon of that rolling fairway.

photo (10)

I resolved then, on the stroll to my second shot, that I would reinvigorate my efforts to writing.  I have a novel to finish revising.  I have at least thirty short stories that need to be completed and revised.  I have four novels outlined and sketched that I intend to write.  Oh, but becoming a professional golfer is a tantalizing delusion.

As for getting back into the mindset to be in the seat everyday no matter what, that’s an easy fix.  Sit down and write.

And as I finish the newest short story and prepare to send it out to literary magazines, print or otherwise, I am reminded of the ease that writers today get to languish in.  I can be on Twitter for twenty minutes and come away with a list of journals and magazines to send my work out to and I have to assume that the writers working before the internet age would just shake their heads and wonder why they had it so rough.  And then again, those old typewriters don’t have access to every distraction under the sun.

Now then, school is soon back in session and with it the university lit mags open their doors to increase the number of venues where one could seek to get their writing published.  One useful site I’d share with writers looking for an index of sorts is The Review Review.  You can filter your search for what type of publication you are looking for as well as read through reviews of other literary magazines.  Disclaimer:  I do not work for them and receive no compensation from them.  I just found their site to be extremely useful.

Oh, shit.  Look at the time.  I’ve got to get some writing done.



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