Submitting Short Fiction

Fade in.
Interior. Bedroom. 4:45 a.m.

The phone rang and the voice-mail took the message. No work today. “You get to stay home today,” she said.

I couldn’t go back to sleep. The novels and the short stories were front and center in my mind. I didn’t even struggle to get out of bed this time. Some energy unseen pulled me to the chair and I fired up the laptop.


I opened three short stories to double check their condition. Ready to submit. I opened the novel. Just to remind myself of the possibilities. 

Lights of the Mind

Two of the short stories are flash fiction and that generally means they’re under 1,000 words. I Googled “Submit Flash Fiction” in search of magazines and journals where flash fiction is published. I read their past issues as much as I could online. This is essential in finding a home for your story. If they don’t publish the type of thing you write, submitting is a waste of everyone’s time; writer and editor. My eyes were burning on three hours of sleep and my back was tight where the muscles pull on the spine down by the belt. The day job is physically strenuous sometimes and little sleep aggravates that. No big deal, just uncomfortable. I read some good stories in the journals I found and would love to link them all here. In the interest of space I’ll just do a couple. The Incubator is out of Northern Ireland and Ireland and has a sharp format and great stories from the issues I read. Find it here: The Incubator. The Dying Goose was another journal that took me by surprise this morning in my hunt for the perfect home for my story. The tale I read in there jolted my eyes from their weary sag and made me a little jealous that I hadn’t written it. That story was titled Man of Merritt and you can read it here: The Dying Goose

Within the hour I submitted my own work to a couple of the magazines I read through, not necessarily the two I mentioned above but, they were worth reading nevertheless. If you’re a reader and you don’t know about these lit journals all over the internet you would be well served to seek them out. They are publishing solid work by working writers who are more than likely working double time to pay the rent and pursue their calling.

I learned something valuable this morning before dawn. I suppose I didn’t learn it this morning but was only reminded of what I already knew. It’s not going to kill me to get up at 4:45 in the morning to put time in pursuing the goal of being what I am. A writer.

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