THE CONFLUENCE in paperback!

"Dear sir or madam, would you read my book? It took me years to write, 
could you take a look?" - "Paperback Writer" The Beatles.

Very HAPPY to announce the paperback edition of THE CONFLUENCE is now available.



Here is an excerpt of an early review:

“After reading, the author shows a trusting, researched grasp of a fading period in American history, examining with a second set of modern eyes the often forgotten struggle to protect a family’s land in the ever evolving anthropological wake of greed and competition inherent in man past, present and convincingly, the future.”



Publication Day for THE CONFLUENCE

I am excited and proud to announce the publication of THE CONFLUENCEwild mountain river in the winter time

In the last quarter of the 19th century, Godwin Merritt discovers the entrance to his Colorado silver mine is legally on his neighbor’s property. Without tipping his hand to his neighbor, Danforth, he sets out to purchase the land to secure his rights. Schemers in the boomtown below the mine team up with Godwin’s old rivals, The Black Rock Runners, to snatch the land away and with it all the silver it puts out.

Danforth finds himself on the wrong end of the sheriff’s gun and dies in a negotiation. His spirit persists in haunting Godwin throughout his battle with the old rivals, at times aiding him and others driving him mad. Danforth practices a dark art he acquired long before he died when he was a sailor in the Mosquito Fleet tearing up and down the Gulf of Mexico chasing pirates in the early-mid 1800’s. With his mystic ability to see into the near future and Godwin’s increasingly unstable mental state deteriorating with each new development that reminds him of his original crime back home in Sawyer’s Kill, Danforth steadily guides Godwin toward his ultimate goal, freeing himself of the blood feud with The Black Rock Runners and securing his mine property.

Early on, The Black Rock Runners dispatch gunmen to Merritt’s ranch and after bloody confrontations in Colorado, Godwin gathers what remains of his family and heads back to Michigan to confront his old rivals. A battle on the confluence where Godwin brutally kills his enemies leaves him hollow and wondering if he will ever be whole again. Godwin Merritt wants to do something he can’t…stop killing Mattocks.

Decades later, Godwin, ravaged by battles and illness, finds himself with one more demon to slay…on his own doorstep.

The Confluence is a tale of revenge and redemption with its old-style feud reminiscent of the Hatfields and McCoys mixed with the supernatural interventions of the deceased neighbor fans of Cormac McCarthy and Stephen King should find this tale similarly entertaining.

Short Story Submissions Take Time. No, Serious.

Dear Author, AKA: A Letter To Myself,

In the rush of crafting a short story from the ether guided by your all-knowing and possibly frequently truant muse be sure to heed the cautionary words of Ice Cube and “Check yourself before…” You know the drill. There will come a point in the excitement of having written what you believe to be the Alpha and/or Omega of world literature that you say, “Well, this is wordtastic and no matter where and to whom I submit it for publication they’ll be fighting for dibs on my historic achievement.” STOP! BREATHE! *looks at you out the side of my eyes. It’s revised and edited, right? That’s not a steaming pile of first draft you just fed through the glorious mystery of the internet, right? OH, PLEASE SAY YOU ATE THAT AND REGURGED IT A FEW TIMES BEFORE YOU LET IT SLIP INTO ONE OF YOUR FOUR STOMACHS. MOOVE it to the back burner a second. Let it simmer.

You need to start doing some research. You only just heard about Duotrope and I know you’re loathe to shell out the little money you have after taxes, insurance, and whatever other myriad expenses siphon your pay each time your boss cuts you a check but you’ll see the value in as little as fifteen to thirty minutes if you run a search for markets compatible with the genius you so willy-nilly cast upon the page as your fingers stumble like a meth-addled jackrabbit suffering an apocalyptic bout of vertigo around your keyboard. Believe me, I waited too long to dive in and use their services(Completely unsponsored, no reimbursement or kickback mention). They’re a road map for the countless places to submit fiction of all stripes, lengths, diseases, deformities, and cuteness.

Check the back burner. Make sure that gem isn’t burning to the bottom of your chipped Teflon pot. Oh, you stopped to check Twitter, Facebook, and Stop it. You don’t have that kind of time. None of us do. Write. Edit. Submit. Dry your eyes for the first hundred rejections. Repeat. Hopefully, by the second hundred rejection round things will start to improve. But, I have read that in the short fiction markets that a 1% acceptance rate for manuscripts submitted is the norm. So be brave and forget the miracle. It’s hard work and banging your head against a wall that are going to break you through this paradigm. Write. Forget fame. Write.



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