“Eight by William L. Domme is a collection of eight short stories. These stories touch on a number of different subjects like alcoholism, murder, terminal illness, and ghosts.

This book is a quick read, only seventy pages, and I read it in a few hours. The characters and the settings seem to “come alive” with the authors use of vivid descriptions and imagery. The characters in each of theses stories are rich in both depth and complexity. I did find that the story line of “Oren Gunn” was a little disjointed and seemed to contain extraneous information that tended to confuse the story line rather than enhance it. I had to read certain sections a couple of times to understand what was taking place. Overall it was an interesting read that contained very thought provoking subject matter. I found myself wishing that some of the stories were a little longer.

I received this book from the Goodreads First Reads program. Thank you Goodreads and William L. Domme.”

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The Rejected Works of William L. Domme Volume I

“This was an interesting book. Some of the stories are really good and I wished they had been longer. The rest were a little confusing or just plain boring. I did notice that the author tends to reuse names alot. But if you have a little time to kill its a quick read.

I received this book through goodreads first reads.”

“3 of 5 stars
A book of many short stories. A madman, impoverished mothers, thieves and many more stories. Some really good and I wish they could have been longer. Others not so interesting. A quick read.”


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