This is Atypeofwriter’s door.  Come in, look around, move freely; you are your own guide.  Inside I will be experimenting with writing.  An outlet for a more refined experience is provided under tabs, Books and Short Stories, and will move you to external sites where you can purchase final copies; books, short story collections, and singles(short stories).  Above you may find a tab, Postcard, which will be a running correspondence among characters who may or may not have a home within longer stories.  I will be transcribing electric telegraph cables and placing them under a tab, Telegram, as my assistant translates and relays them to me.  In due time a tab, Speech, will be built to store either copies of the original documents or transcriptions of recorded speeches given by Dr. _ at a multitude of symposia around the world.  Underway is a graphic novella to be serialized on a to be determined schedule which will find its home under a tab, Graphic Novella.  And finally, I am considering a tab, Request, where readers may ask for a specific work of fiction of 2,500 words or less regarding anything they choose; you provide a list of details and I’d write the story(This may include a nominal fee).

So look around and don’t get too comfortable.

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