Virtual Reading on the Ides of March (betrayal edition)

Hello! To mark the 5th anniversary of the publication of The Confluence, a western horror novel, I am sharing this recorded reading of the intro to Chapter 1. I’m not a great out loud reader but I hope you enjoy. And if you want to purchase a copy, please order through your local bookstores which … Read more Virtual Reading on the Ides of March (betrayal edition)

Bleeding Kansas

Amputation. Laceration. Scissors to safety nets. Hedge funds hedge bets. Your turn for the tourniquet. Foot the bill. Cost of doing business. Country justice. Country medicine. This little piggy went to market. All’s Lasseiz-faire when you’re taxing the polls. Safety in preventing numbers From interfering with the numbers game. Tangerine sunset or rather blood orange. … Read more Bleeding Kansas