Noir Blanks

Street lamp. Buzz. Flicker. Highlighting rain.
Clicking heels on steps. Stares. Stubs
toes, cigarettes. Smudges lipstick. Lighter flicks.
The nudge. Twisted neck in the crick.
The river’s fresh till.
Raging current. Swept under.
Push and shovel. Driftwood oar. Faint waft
of burning dock. Tragic pile-ons. Evidently evidence
will only be spoken, not photographed.
The river’s fresh till.
Mistrial and error. An air of mystery
Bare in the steamy mourning.
Black umbrellas. Not a cloud. Incite.
The gun holstered in the bank.
The river’s fresh till.
Fisherman trade-in pole for pistol.
Bait and switchblade. Deposits prop in gear.
Hollywood gun. Shows no force.
Misfiring pin. Final description.
Blunt object. Grip smart. Get a whip.
The river’s fresh till.