Jazz tonight…cold winter tonight…visions of Kansas bonfire nights tonight…hellish thoughts tonight…who says the tenants will be removed tonight…Langston Hughes rhythms tonight…want of alcohol tonight…if the landlord should return tonight…if the bill remains unpaid tonight…silent meditations of dreams tonight…apodictic speech to shadows tonight…if the proletariat gathers strength tonight…if the tension becomes condensed tonight…Emily Dickinson seclusion tonight…transforming … Read more Fuse

Noir Blanks

Street lamp. Buzz. Flicker. Highlighting rain.Clicking heels on steps. Stares. Stubstoes, cigarettes. Smudges lipstick. Lighter flicks.The nudge. Twisted neck in the crick.The river’s fresh till.Raging current. Swept under.Push and shovel. Driftwood oar. Faint waftof burning dock. Tragic pile-ons. Evidently evidencewill only be spoken, not photographed.The river’s fresh till.Mistrial and error. An air of mysterybare in … Read more Noir Blanks

Virtual Reading on the Ides of March (betrayal edition)

Hello! To mark the 5th anniversary of the publication of The Confluence, a western horror novel, I am sharing this recorded reading of the intro to Chapter 1. I’m not a great out loud reader but I hope you enjoy. And if you want to purchase a copy, please order through your local bookstores which … Read more Virtual Reading on the Ides of March (betrayal edition)