Recorded Reading 2020

It did not take a fitting room to know that doing an online reading would be the most comfortable approach for me to perform my first reading ever outside of a radio spot with KJHK five years ago and a recorded submission to The Five-Two earlier in 2020. Here I read several poems for seveneightfive’s … Read more


Jazz tonight…cold winter tonight…visions of Kansas bonfire nights tonight…hellish thoughts tonight…who says the tenants will be removed tonight…Langston Hughes rhythms tonight…want of alcohol tonight…if the landlord should return tonight…if the bill remains unpaid tonight…silent meditations of dreams tonight…apodictic speech to shadows tonight…if the proletariat gathers strength tonight…if the tension becomes condensed tonight…Emily Dickinson seclusion tonight…transforming … Read more

Free Kindle Download (The Confluence)

Hello you dusty ramblers and gamblers, This is to notify you in good time that the western horror novel, The Confluence, is free to download via Kindle April 14 through 17. After that the price of the ebook will go back up to the regular price. Click the image to take you there now.

Grocery List from a DeSoto Jail

Felt like a field trip except for the manacles.Fresh air out the car window.Down a two lane highway through countryside to courthouse.Past corporate candy factory.Is that chocolate in the wind?He could’ve worked there instead of this.After all these years. Day two of the trial. Voir dire.Picking off jurors as best as they can.Attention wanders past … Read more


The streets are paved in the shadow of a hustle you can’t see, only feel. There’s a hole in the wallet where money falls out just as fast as you stuff it in. Fat-cat looking out of the tower doesn’t come down to pick your pocket. He sends word down through a memo to his … Read more


The shades pulled low in the Rundown. Janitor scrubbing the towers top to bottom. Disinfecting seats of power and of defecation. Wiping receivers of oily prints. Evikt imagined them in the daylight; the drones with their prints all over the scene of the crimes, on keyboards and dry-erase porn; what she called the mailroom stockade … Read more

Noir Blanks

Street lamp. Buzz. Flicker. Highlighting rain.Clicking heels on steps. Stares. Stubstoes, cigarettes. Smudges lipstick. Lighter flicks.The nudge. Twisted neck in the crick.The river’s fresh till.Raging current. Swept under.Push and shovel. Driftwood oar. Faint waftof burning dock. Tragic pile-ons. Evidently evidencewill only be spoken, not photographed.The river’s fresh till.Mistrial and error. An air of mysterybare in … Read more

Don’t Adjust Your Set

—Do you feel pain?  Suddenly walls stood in four sided rooms that opened into each other with wide, door-less frames.  The only light burst from the television and baked the walls and the towel around my waist.  I stood in the dampness of the moment, just out of the bath and anxious to see any … Read more

Strange Race

The last intact panel of glass had blistered and so stood upright magnifying the scene outside of the phone booth in which Russell Scales was standing.  His veins burned all up and down his arms, clinging like vines to tree trunks.  His temples were fixed in flex because his teeth were clenched to stop himself … Read more